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Ok, so what's with the Tabasco Sauce?

Team Roswell
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WELCOME TO team_roswell

You must be a member of wb_land and be assigned to this team to be invited.
Once you have accepted our invite, be sure to fill out this questionnaire and post your own intro post letting the rest of us get to know you. Be sure to checkout other members intro posts and also check for open challenges or current activities on the sidebar of the community.
Questions please contact Our Team Mod, zarajade123 or drzlilsuga. If you need to go on hiatus or just have a problem overall their is where you would let them know.
Overall Questions about the community ask musicalpanties at this post.

This is a team community of wb_land , which is a interactive community with team challenges. team_roswell is where we as a team pull together to help each other compete in the challenges at wb_land . We also will have fun team activities to help boost team spirit and just to get to know each other. So get ready for some fun!

If you are inactive for more than 5 weeks we will replace you with someone who wants to participate. [unless you told someone you would be mia]
Also Suggest/ Host a challenge and you can earn points for our team just by doing that!

profile codes // layout // apply for a team!